Alton Wine Academy is a non-for-profit organization located in Los Angeles, USA. It is founded by a group of senior winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics from Bordeaux, Burgundy of France and Napa Valley of America.

Alton's main business line are wine ratings and wine educations. Alton has invented world's first systematic wine rating algorithm including 2T4V, i.e., Tasting, Terroir, Viticulture, Vinification, Vintage and Value, which is now patent pending. Alton's MC (Master Connoisseur) program, together with MW (Mast of Wine) and MS (Mast Sommelier), forms the Three Musketeers to represent the top 3 authorities in wine industry worldwide. Alton's MC (Master Connoisseur) program combines strength of both MW and MS, and has more value beyond both MW and MS.

Alton's MC Ratings program is also the first systematic wine ratings system focusing on Chinese culture, and focus serving Chinese speaking wine lovers and professional worldwide. Alton's MC Wine Ratings system has the following five unique advantages which are different from other major wine rating and critics system:

1.The first wine rating system with Silicon Valley technologies based algorithm.

2.The first wine rating system focusing on Chinese tastes and cultures in the world.

3.The first wine - food pairing system specializing on Chinese cuisines in the world.

4.The first wine critics system revealing shortcomings of the wines rated.

5.The first wine rating system offering quality to price ratio.